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S&S Recycling LLC

Buyer of all types of scrap metal



What We Buy/Regulations


What We Buy/Regulations

For a complete list of what we buy see the Current Prices page.

S&S Recycling purchases ferrous and non ferrous metals all types. However, there are some items we do not accept. Please refer to the lists below for regulations and unacceptable items.


  • Vehicles: All vehicles must be registered to the person selling the vehicle to us.
If your vehicle is newer than ten years old you must bring us the title, salvage title, or junking certificate, NO EXCEPTIONS. The title MUST be in the name of the person selling it (sellers name printed on the front of the title). We will need a copy of your state identification matching the name on the title. If there is a lien listed on the title you MUST have the notarized lien release.
If the vehicle is older than ten years and you do not have a title we will lookup the vehicle online using the VIN to determine ownership and check for leins. If there is a lien we will need a notarized lien release. The vehicle MUST be in the name of the person selling it. The owner (as registered) will need to complete a Missouri Department of Revenue Form 5423 Bill of sale in their name. We will also need a copy of the state identification of the owner. You may pre-fill the form to speed the process by downloading and printing at
  • Compressors: Must be removed from refrigerator and are purchased separately as "Sealed Units"
  • Aluminum Cans: Should be clean, free of water and debris including foil, pie pans, trash, etc.
  • Tanks/Cylinders: Must have valve removed.


We accept some items for a fee such as microwaves. Some other items will be accepted without a fee and are considered zero value, as in we do not pay for those items. Please refer to our Prices page for rates on these items. Negative/no-value items include:

  • Copier/Fax/printer
  • Home/Office Phones
  • LCD Monitor 15" or Less
  • Microwaves
  • CRT Monitors
  • Ni-Cad Batteries
  • Televisions (tube type and flatscreen)


  • Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, or wood.
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders with valve
  • Asbestos-containing material
  • Acetylene or commercial gas cylinders
  • Cathode Ray Tubes
  • Containers with liquids (paint, oil, gasoline, etc.)
  • Mercury switches or devices
  • Flammable or Combustible material
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • CFCs or refrigerants
  • Munitions, bullets, or explosives
  • Radioactive material

Product Descriptions

  • Prepared (Short) Iron: 3 foot x 18 inches (see specs below)
  • #1 Copper: strands of copper larger than a #2 pencil lead
  • #2 Copper: strands of copper smaller than a #2 pencil lead

Prepared (Short) Iron Specifications

Prepared iron, also known as short iron, is iron smaller than 3 feet x 18 in.

Items not qualified as short iron:




Tin (i.e. barn tin, roofing tin)

Anything over 3 ft x 18 in